With this announcement, Greece joins the 35 nations already participating in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). This program was established as a pilot program in 1986 to help eliminate unnecessary barriers to travel and made permanent on October 30, 2000. Like VWP travelers from other countries, Greek citizens will be required to apply for an Electronic System Travel Authorization (ESTA) through a Web based system. Greek citizens will be able to visit the United States without visas in approximately 30 days.

The other countries currently participating in the Visa Waiver Program include:

Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Italy, San Marino, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Denmark, Lithuania, South Korea, Estonia, Luxembourg, Spain, Finland, Malta, Sweden, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Hungary, and New Zealand.

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